Ellingb and Reebok Career Opportunities

Host Jeff Gardner examines several career opportunities for young individuals, featuring everyday people doing truly remarkable tasks. Jeff also examines what it takes to climb the career ladder professionally and shares challenges many face to successfully maneuver up the ladder. This program explores some of the many aspects of success in the professional arena, as well as areas that young professionals can work on to increase their chances for success. If you’re just starting out in your career or have been searching, this might be a good time to consider changing careers and gaining more experience and skills. This particular show will help you discover the possibility of growth and advancement for yourself and offer you some tips on how to get to your next level.

One of the many topics covered in this brief career-focused podcast is hospitality and tourism. This segment delves into the many different types of hospitality careers available to young people today, including hospitality management positions, restaurant management positions, and hotel management positions. It is important to realize that hospitality and tourism are not the same industry; each requires slightly different skill sets. Regardless, of what position you’re interested in, the knowledge and skills you acquire from this podcast can prove to be helpful.

In this two-part podcasts, geography and culture are explored. The first episode features travel, specifically American travel. What aspects of Americana can you identify with? What is Americana to you? What about Americana history, American history in the field of tourism, or is there a part of America that you identify with? These are just some of the questions explored in this brief tourism career opportunity.

The second location explored in this two-part podcast looks at how the hospitality industry is evolving and new career opportunities for young professionals. Can you identify with the “New American”? What can you do to position yourself to help shape the future of hospitality? The answer lies in the hospitality industry, specifically in the industry of food and beverage, which is are considering a large and rapidly changing sector of the overall tourism industry. In this telling career opportunity, hospitality specialists help corporations, hotels, and restaurants to develop and market their food and beverage offerings.

Can you identify with this podcast? Do you want to help people experience incredible experiences like you once did? If so, the best place to do it is in the hospitality industry. A lot of your professional success will come from being involved in the development of hospitality facilities and delivering services that truly meet the needs of the communities in which they are built. The topics touched in this two-part Ellingb and Reebok career opportunity include hospitality marketing, hospitality operations, event planning, food and beverage operations, event promotion and sales, and travel and tourism.

If you’re interested in helping corporations and other organizations with the best practices for running their hotels and resorts, then a career in the hospitality industry might be perfect for you. It’s a great career option because there is plenty of opportunity for growth in this field. If you really want to get your foot into the door and show that you have what it takes, then you’ve got to have the right tools. Getting your education today can put you well on your way to making your dream a reality.

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